Constance Kheel
Works on Canvas
001Temperature Rising2015 002Rose2015 003CuttingTrim2015 004Intelligence2015 005MorningMist-2015
Block Factory Advocating for Squares One Step Forward Think Outside Run the Fun
Rubbing Mechanism Coxcomb Old Devotions Confluence Behavioral Script
Rubbing Mechanism Old Devotions Coxcomb Confluence Behavioral Script
Rabbit Brush SpringTools Tallow Dip Cackle Berries Meeting By Accident
In Agreeance Unbolted Rolled The Ridge Good to See and Remember Once Were Friends
Works on Paper
Little Lars Series VII Little Lars Series VIII Little Lars Series II Little Lars Series IX Little Lars Series VI
Vigor Series V Vigor Series XV Vigor Series XII Vigor Series X Vigor Series XI
Vigor Series IX Vigor Series II Vigor Series IV Vigor Series XIII Vigor Series I
Homesteader Series VI Homesteader Series IX Homesteader Series XII Homeowners Series VXXV Bob Towers Series XXIII
Susie Series 43 Susie Series 44 Susie Series 47 Susie Series 50 Susie Series 20
Small Paintings on Canvas
B-Ware B-Forgotten B-Deviled B-Stimmt B-Low
B-Half B-Deckt B-Hoove B-Quest B-Stow